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I'm introducing this new section to The Juice this week. I'm calling it E Block. E Block will be my editorial section

"Block", as you may know, is commonly used in vineyards to subdivide the property, usually along geographic lines or by grape varietals. Each "block" is managed separately, often all the way to vinification. Some wineries will bottle and label a "block" when it is deemed to be of stellar qualities by itself.

A couple of long time family friends have taken the entrepreneurial plunge and bought an established business called Sparkle Plenty Designs. In their words,

Sparkle Plenty specializes in creating custom logo crystal apparel using high quality Swarovski crystal. As such, business owners of all stripes have partnered with the company to enhance their image. An added bonus is the free advertising and revenue stream that these businesses gain from their customers buying their logo shirts.

Wholesale accounts welcome with low minimums.

Sparkle Plenty Designs, Inc. www.Sparkle-Plenty.com For further information, please call (215) 389-1877 / email: sparkleplentydesigns@yahoo.com.

Tell them I sent you.