AfterSoles Rollable Ballet Flats (in Black, Gold & Silver)

  • AfterSoles Rollable Ballet Flats (in Black, Gold & Silver)
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Product Description

Rollable, portable ballet flats for the dance floor diva! These stylish, compact, rollable ballet flats have been carefully designed to roll up neatly and securely, fitting in the smallest of purses or pockets. When your aching arches have had enough, simply unroll your AfterSoles and pop your heels into the cute shoe bag that comes with every pair.

Slip on your new "funk-tional" flats for a few extra hours on the dance floor or a more comfortable walk or drive home. Your tired tootsies are already thanking you in advance.

Keep or carry a pair in your your travel bag, carry on, handbag or evening bag, desk or glove compartment - you'll never regret having these little babies with you!

  • Flexible insole allows flats to roll up no larger than a cell phone
  • Elastic backing provides extra comfort on the heel as well as flexibility in sizing Drawstring nylon pouch is sized to fit high heels
  • Three sizes: Small (5-6), Medium (7-8), Large (9-10) In between? Best to go a size smaller.<