Hollywood "Cover Ups" Reusable Nipple Concealers

  • Hollywood "Cover Ups" Reusable Nipple Concealers
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Product Description

Each box contains one pair of reusable nipple concealers. Perky personaliy: fun! Perky nipples (when you don't want to show them off): not so fun. Pesky perkies can pop up at the least opportune moment: Meeting your future in-laws, appearing on camera at a press conference, telling off the Harper Valley PTA, running into your minister in the canned food aisle --the list is endless.

Hollywood CoverUps, the latest product from internationally popular Hollywood Fashion Tape, are the stars secret to a smooth appearance. Self-adhesive silicone makes them comfortable as well as hypo-allergenic. And the contour shape boasts a perfectly engineered tapered edge to give you that ultra-smooth appearance. Just position them in place and go forth with confidence. Hollywood CoverUps are re-usable, up to ten times or more! They're beautifully packaged, impeccably designed, and a great value.

  • Perfect under t-shirts, sheer tops and dresses
  • Great when you want to go braless
  • Ideal for swimwear
  • Or anytime you need to "de-perkify"!