Hollywood Hip-Hugger Navy or Black

  • Hollywood Hip-Hugger Navy or Black

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Product Description

Say good-bye to the big-belt-buckle-bulge, "peek-a-booty," and t-bar sightings, and say hello to perfect fitting pants with this FAB "Secret".

A one-size belt alternative, which attaches to each side of your belt loops, creates a slim, body-hugging fit. You'll have an instantly tailored, smooth front and a no-gap back, without expensive tailoring.

The Hollywood Hip Hugger is a clever solution to gaping jeans and "plumber butt" - such fashion faux pas! This hidden belt attaches to the loops of jeans and pants, pulling the waistline taught and close to the body creating a smooth flat front. Adjust Hollywood Hip Hugger to fit between your side belt loops. Clip to one side belt loop, run through the back belt loop, then clip to the second side belt loop. Hollywood Hip Hugger should be slightly snug.

NAVY -- fits sizes 2-16