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Looking for rhinestone wear? You've come to the right place!
See what the TESTIMONIAL word on the street is!
We win awards for our crystal & rhinestone apparel & accessories. All rhinestones are NOT the same, and that's why only we use PREMIUM QUALITY rhinestones you can trust for long-lasting sparkle.
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PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT DISTRIBUTORS: We'll create rhinestone heat transfers, decorate your blank apparel, or do the whole job in-house. We're on YOUR TEAM! CALL us 215.389.1877 or email and let's find out!

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Clear Crystal on Silver Swarovski Baguette Bracelet
Regular Price:$155.00
Sale Price:$120.00
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LOVE Rhinestone Shirt
Regular Price:$36.00
Sale Price:$26.00
We the People (ink) Shirt in BLACK
Regular Price:$36.00
Sale Price:$26.00