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Are you searching the web for AWESOME high-quality custom rhinestone shirts & apparel? Well, your search can end now!
OK, that's a BOLD statement, but we've been around for almost 2 decades and we know BLING - just see what the word on the street is HERE.
AND, not to brag (hey, we just met) but we win awards for our work, and we'd like you to know that all rhinestones are NOT the same, which is why only we use PREMIUM QUALITY stones you can trust for long-lasting adhesion & sparkle.

DAZZLING DESIGNS customer? Angela has given us her sparkling referral, and we're happy to help your world sparkle!

PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT DISTRIBUTORS: We'll create rhinestone heat transfers, decorate your blank apparel, or do the whole job in-house. We're on YOUR TEAM! CALL us 215.389.1877 or email and let's find out!

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Clear Crystal on Silver Swarovski Baguette Bracelet
Regular Price:$155.00
Sale Price:$120.00
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LOVE Rhinestone Shirt
Regular Price:$36.00
Sale Price:$26.00
We the People (ink) Shirt in BLACK
Regular Price:$36.00
Sale Price:$26.00