Promotional Products

Promotional Products
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How to get a custom rhinestone design made, easy as can be:

1. Send us your artwork -- we just need a .jpg or pdf to get started (no Vector art needed). If you have a preference on design size, or need to modify the design, let us know. We can also help with suggestions for the best look or even put together artwork for you if none is available.

2. What quantities would you like quoted? - our min. order quantity is 25 of the same design (15 pcs for reorders) but we can produce as many as you need. Please let us know this when you send your artwork.

3.Your apparel or ours? If you'd like to supply items, that's fine, or we can...either is okay with us. (we can provide just the heat transfers if you'd like to handle application on your end).

4. When do you need them? To make sure that everything goes smoothly for you and your customer, just let us know the in-hands date, if there is one. We normally turn around items in roughly 1.5 weeks (figure 7-10 business days to be safe). If you have a rush, we'll let you know if we can meet the necessary date.

Quotes and proofs are typically provided in 24-48 hours, but if your need is urgent, please let us know right away! Ball park quotes can be provided quickly (same day and fast). Some designs may first require proofing if more elaborate.

FYI - some other things to know:
*  Number and color of rhinestones needed to make a design are the primary factors driving cost

*   A lower cost option, if needed, is to do the design in rhinestuds.  These are faceted metallics that come in the same size and similar colors as rhinestones, but cost less.  They look great and can also be mixed into a design with rhinestones, for maximum visual effect on a tighter budget

*Not all rhinestones are the same, so apples to apples pricing comparisons aren't really accurate.  Rhinestones are manufactured in different countries and in different grades of quality.

We use premium grade rhinestones to provide maximum sparkle but at a competitive cost.  These stones look great (very sparkly), and will last as long as the garment they're applied on.  No need for you or your customer to worry about stones coming off. 

* IIf your customer needs bling for something other than apparel (e.g. water bottles, cars, cell phones, or just about any hard surface), we can create bling peel and stick rhinestone decals.   This way, you can bling just about anything!
You're welcome to call or email us with any questions....we're almost always available and most times, if we miss your call, we'll be back in touch the same day.  Contact info:  Ph: 215-389-1877 ~ Email:  Ask for Andrew or Lee!

A bit more about us:  Sparkle Plenty is honored to be a 5-Star ASI /SAGE member,  multiple AWARD WINNING, family-owned & operated company specializing in high quality, affordable SPARKLE for over 17 years! Please view our work HERE.