HOT SELLER! Denim Hem Tape

  • HOT SELLER! Denim Hem Tape
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Product Description

No time to hit the tailor? Denim Tape to the rescue! Our Bristol's 6 Denim tape is a durable double-stick tape specially designed to alter the length of jeans quickly and easily. Now you can wear newly purchased supermodel length jeans in an instant. Test run a new length before taking a scissor to those designer duds by temporarily altering jeans with Hem Tape for Denim.
Whether skinny, straight, boot-cut or flared, Hem Tape quickly adjusts the length of your tried-and-true blues to wear with flats or heels. As the trends change, your favorite jeans can too! Not only for denim, use Hem Tape on pants, shorts and skirts. Works great on most fabrics and won't leave behind sticky residue. Perfect when traveling light.

Double-stick hem tape that alters jeans in a flash! The first tape specially created for denim fabric. Quick and easy application without ironing or sewing, whereas other hem tapes are messy and inconvenient. The durable, wide tape is strong enough to hold the hem for days without leaving behind sticky residue. Wear new too-long jeans instantly, switch the length to wear with heels or flats, test new lengths before tailoring, repair fallen hems, and close broken zippers fast! Each vintage-inspired purse pack contains 18 pre-cut pieces in 3/4"x3" strips.