Hollywood Fashion Tape Red Carpet Assortment

  • Hollywood Fashion Tape Red Carpet Assortment

We'll create custom rhinestone apparel JUST FOR YOU!

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Product Description

30 Pieces of double-stick tape in 5 unique shapes...BECAUSE life has a way of throwing in little snafus along the way to soirees: How about the:
  • Not-noticed-until-you're-on-your-way fallen hem?
  • The annoying slipping spaghetti strap?
  • The buckling out decolletage of a strapless gown?
  • The list of potential fashion faux pas, alas, goes on and on.

    Now, with the Red Carpet Assortment you'll face every special occasion with confidence. Armed with Hollywood Fashion Tape's Red Carpet Assortment, we'd wager even fashion critics, who pounce on any pucker, slippage or gap in a gown, will have to acknowledge your cool confidence and well-put-together look. You'll feel like you're walking down that red carpet anywhere you go.