Hollywood "No Shows" Disposable Nipple Concealers

  • Hollywood "No Shows" Disposable Nipple Concealers

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Product Description

Sometimes the key to titillation is knowing what to leave up to his imagination.

And let's face it, there's little left to imagination when your frontal attributes become unwelcome attention grabbers. That's when you need a pair of Hollywood No-Shows disposable nipple concealers.

You're guaranteed a sleek look in even the most delicate or revealing braless fashions with Hollywood No-Shows, hypo-allergenic nipple concealers with soft non-stick centers that won't irritate your most sensitive skin. Easy to apply and remove, Hollywood No-Shows are natural looking and comfortable to wear - even all day.

No-Shows let you dress to express, not expose your individuality. They're perfect under sheer tops, T-shirts, and figure hugging dresses. Wear them anytime you want to go braless, say, under that itty-bitty, teensy-weensy swimsuit. Hollywood No-Shows are just plain perfect anytime "two up front" is just too up-front for you. Each box contains 5 pairs of disposable nipple concealers.