Hollywood Retro Ice Bag

  • Hollywood Retro Ice Bag
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Product Description

The Hollywood Retro Ice Bag is a small and sweet, easy-to-tote, stylish, leak-proof pouch with a wide mouth and tight fitting lid, perfect for filling with ice and water. Like the trusted ice bags of our favorite classic Hollywood stars, the Retro Ice Bag can soothe those red puffy eyes, ease that headache or shoulder pain, reduce swelling bumps and bruises, even zap sinus pain. You can also fill your retro ice bag with hot water and curl up in comfort as you ease cramps, take away the chill, and dream of satin mules and peeled grapes, a la Bette Davis and Mae West.

When life tosses a few bumps your way, banish that leaky baggie full of ice with a towel wrapped around it! Simply fill a Hollywood Retro Ice Bag and soothe away life's annoying little bumps.